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We came together by a curious turn of fate. More specifically, none of us, except one, had a particular interest in bicycles. Chance brought us all together and led us to a common cause, and our lives have gradually changed as we pursued it.

Let us introduce ourselves.
Shinichi Izawa, our president, had worked with Yasuhiro Sugimura, his sworn friend, in the field of human resources development since 2009, but in the course of addressing Japan’s employment issues, he gradually developed a desire to start up a monozukuri (manufacturing) company. It was Satoshi Koga, who had long engaged in the support of start-ups, who encouraged Izawa to embark on a new business. Through his extensive human network, Koga found many people who would render generous support for the laymen’s attempt to create bicycles.

Izawa, Koga, and the others wanted to create a city cycle best suited for Kyoto, their beloved ancient capital of Japan. They also wanted to rediscover “another Japan,” Japanese culture filled with the vitality and innovative spirit that they have almost forgotten.
Azuchi-Momoyama, the period where Japan’s revolutionaries lived…We wanted to create a bicycle that embodies the quintessence of the splendid, brilliant, and exceptional Azuchi-Momoyama culture. It took many long and tiring discussions to arrive at this rather fanciful idea.

It was Mitsuhiro Hashimoto who gave shape to Izawa and Koga’s concept. Through careful interviews and an enormous number of sketches and after repeated team discussions, he created an unparalleled design. It was Park Hans of Korea who translated the two-dimensional image into specifications and then to a production process. As an engineer who knows bicycles inside and out, he conducted the negotiations with a well-known, high-quality bicycle production factory in Shenzhen, China.

Thus, the persistent discussions and much trial and error by men from different fields resulted in the creation of two bicycles, the AZ7 and ck2. We believe that these bikes, which are equipped with the functions and design required for city cycles and make a fresh departure from conventional bicycles, will provide a new riding experience to urban users.

The stories of the AZ7 and ck2 and our own have just begun. If 2015 becomes known as a year that marked an epoch in the history of Japanese bicycles, the honor belongs to the users who rode our bikes around cities.
In an effort to bring a new dream to Japanese bicycles and transmit a new Japanese culture to the world, we will continue to prize and nurture our relationships with our customers.

our Company MBC

CEO Shinichi Izawa

In the bicycle industry, where foreign bikes are predominant, we dare to enter the manufacturing industry as an SPA.
Japan has long developed its manufacturing industry with pride in “made in Japan.” However, we think that many manufacturers in the industry clung so much to their complacent high quality and high specifications that they have failed to capture the true value that ordinary people want.
We conduct zero-based reviews of bicycles, and intend to offer bikes that can provide innovative value and that do not exist in the conventional bicycle market. We are committed to the development of next-generation bicycles that not only represent Japan’s high-quality products and meticulous services, but also provide a fun, cool, and comfortable riding experience.

Our company’s name MBC stands for Multiversal Bike Company and represents the founding team’s strong commitment to the common principle, the acknowledgement of values as diverse as the multiverse. This means the acknowledgement of not only MBC’s bicycles, which comprise diverse values, but also of the members and stakeholders of MBC, who have different values.
To begin with, MBC is a company with a challenging spirit, where specialists in various industries outside the bicycle industry have come together to reinvigorate it. We intend to demonstrate that the Japanese culture of monozukuri (manufacturing) can offer added value other than “made in Japan.” We are determined to be the “first penguin” (the first person to take on a challenge or sacrifice him/herself to achieve a goal) that helps increase the number of manufacturing companies that acknowledge diverse values and have a spirit of entrepreneurship.

The AZ7 and ck2 are the first bicycles proposed by MBC Ltd. They were born out of persistent discussions and repeated trial and error by specialists from different fields. We are convinced that these bicycles, which are equipped with the functions and design required for city cycles, will deliver urban users a new riding experience and excitement that no conventional bicycle can provide. Come and try our new bikes!

Here we introduce our credos, which were established to achieve our purposes. They are the principles that we follow in our daily activities, to which we turn as needed, and are the promises that we make to our customers. They are the beacon that lights the path we should follow.

1. Ensure safety now and long-term future security.
2. Be a group of unusual talents that leverages creativity in various disciplines.
3. Express an expanding, diversified view of the world through narrative products.
4. Remember the spirit of “Cool Japan,” which was born in Kyoto and is transmitted to the world.
5. Create an outstanding brand and an innovative business model.

In an effort to bring a new dream to Japanese bicycles and convey the vigor of a new Japanese culture to the world, we will continue to prize and nurture our relationships with our customers.

〒600-8258 京都市下京区猪熊通り木津屋橋下る金換町97番地

資本金 50,500,000円
代表取締役 伊澤 慎一

MBC Ltd.
97 Kanegaecho, Kizuyabashisagaru, Inokumadori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8258, Japan

Capital 50,500,000yen
CEO Shinichi Izawa

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