This bike came from another Japan

I want a bike best suited to running through the streets of the ancient capital.
This utterance started the whole story.
Because there was no bike perfect for that task,
sometimes invigoratingly, other times secretly.

What functions and design should this unprecedented bike be crowned with?
Our almost daily discussions danced in the air,
touched ground, and finally alighted on the Tensho period 440 years ago.
There was another Japan filled with spirit, adventure, and ambitious illusions.

It was another Japan where the legendary Azuchi Castle existed.

Innovators in the era of ambition, dreams, and strategy…
With an earnest desire to work with one of them to create a new city vehicle, we overcame countless difficulties and finally arrived at the world of 440 years ago, together with two robust, yet silent broncos.

The riders of our AZ7 and ck2 may differ from conventional cyclists.
They are visionaries who see another Japan through a chasm in the space-time continuum, as they think of the stories of the past and the road history of the ancient capital.

Come, new visionaries!

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